Films by Lauren Greenfield

Films by Lauren Greenfield

Generation Wealth (2018, 104 mins), Director. Produced by Evergreen Pictures

The Queen of Versailles (2012, 100 mins), Director. Produced by Evergreen Pictures

THIN (2006, 102 mins), Director. Distributed by HBO



Monographs by Lauren Greenfield

Monographs by Lauren Greenfield

  • Generation Wealth, Hardcover, published by Phaidon Press, May 2017
  • THIN, Hardcover, published by Chronicle Books, October 2006
  • Girl Culture, Hardcover published by Chronicle Books, December 2002
  • Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood, published by Chronicle Books, April 1997

Magazines featuring works by Lauren Greenfield

Magazines featuring works by Lauren Greenfield

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